AMC Javelin

AMC Javelin

The final javelins were powered with a choice of a 232 I6, 258 I6, a 304 2bbl V8, 360 2bbl V8, or 360 4bbl V8. But one more top dog engine was offered, which was a 401 4bbl V8 rated @ 255hp/345tq in ’73. A 4-speed manual or 3-speed Chrysler automatic were both available to shift your gears.

A ‘GO’ package was available with the 360 4bbl or 401 engines. Optioning for this, you received dual exhaust, ‘Twin Grip’ differential, power brakes, 15×7-inch steel slot wheels, black-out tail panel, and a functional fiberglass cowl induction hood.

A special Pierre Cardin interior group was still available for 1973. All in all, about 25000 Javelins were sold for ’73, and about 22000 for ’74, which was the final model year. These figures do not including the Javelin AMX. See stand-alone section for the AMX.

amc javelin 1974


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