Volkswagen Super Beetle

Volkswagen Super Beetle

The Super Beetle nameplate was new for the 1971 model year. It was on the newly created ‘1302’ series platform.

Variances of the Super Beetle vs. standard Beetle were as follows… The wheelbase was longer at 95.3″ (vs. 94.5″). The front track was wider at 54.9″ (vs. 51.5″). The overall length was 164.8″ (vs. 163.4″). The turning radius was much improved @ 31.5′ (vs. 36.1′). The front suspension was sprung with coil and struts (vs. torsion springs). Also, the hood and nose were longer on the Super Beetle.

For 1971-1972, the engine used was a 1585cc 1bbl Flat-4 which put out 60 gross horsepower. The same 4-speed manual trans was used both years. The axle ratio was stout at 4.125 to 1.

For 1973, Super Beetle received a new chassis designation: 1303. This new generation included a curved, larger windshield as well as a padded dash. While utilizing the same engine as previous years, it output was choked down to 46 hp for 1973. More bad news: The rear axle ratio dropped to 3.875 to 1.

In the power-train department, better news finally arrived for 1975. Electronic fuel injection was added to the 1585cc workhorse. Horsepower increased, though just to 48. A little late to the party, it was also the last year for the Super Beetle. The basic design of the ‘Super’ carried forward in the Beetle Cabriolet convertible.


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