The MGB was out since the early 1960s. It was losing some punch by 1973 due to the inevitable emission requirements in the USA. The power output this year was 94hp, and then it went down to 87hp in 1974. Propelling the MGB these two years was a 1.8L Overhead Cam I4, which had twin carburetors.

1974 saw the MGB losing its chrome bumpers. In 1975, with catalytic converters now reality, emmissions compliance pushed performance further out of the way. The 1.8L I4 now had a single carburetor. Also new was a one piece intake/exhaust manifold. The good news was that the horsepower dropped only 2 points to 85hp.

The wheelbase it sat on was a mere 80 inches. The overall length range was 153 inches to 158 inches during its history. Width was 60 inches.

The MGB stuck around until the 1980 model year with horsepower steadily dropping all the way to the upper-70 range. Since it was always a lightweight car, fuel mileage got as high as the upper 20s per gallon, plus performance was fair.


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