Chevrolet Monza S

Chevrolet Monza ‘S’

Note: The Monza S was closely related to the Vega it replaced, so we’re giving it its own area. To sum it up, it’s a Vega with a Monza front clip.

The Monza S was offered in 1978 as a continuation of the freshly discontinued Vega. The old Vega hatchback and wagon bodies received slightly squared noses. They cpuld have easily called it a refreshed Vega, but that nameplate had baggage attatched to it. The Monza S name was slapped on them both.
chevy monza s 1978

From a side view, the ‘S’ hatchback was a dead ringer for a Vega. The ‘S’ wagon body style even retained Vega’s vent louvers on its quarter panels. Both body styles even kept the Vega’s less-sporty dashboard and instruments. For a touch of 70s class, wagon buyers could opt for the ‘fake woodie’ Estate trim package.

The hatchback was powered with engines the Vega never saw. Standard was the 2.5L Pontiac I4. Optional were the 3.2L & 3.8L Buick V6s and a 305 2bbl V8. The wagon had the first three engines available as options, but the V8 was not on the option list for this body style.

The Monza S hatchback was around only for its debut year, 1978, which makes this a rare model. The station wagon was sold through the 1979 model year.


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