Porsche 924

It essentially replaced the 914 and short-lived 912E. It was the new ‘starter Porsche’. The year was 1977 that it arrived in North America.

While the body shape was sleek, the rest of the car was a hodge-podge of parts. The engine was a 2.0L EFI Volkswagen I4 of 95hp in U.S. trim. The transmission was a 4-speed Audi manual. The front strut/rear trailing arm suspension system was based on a Volkswagen Golf setup. The braking system was regarded as antiquated for Porsche, seeing how it was of a front disc/rear drum arrangement.

Late in 1977, a 3-speed Audi automatic trans became available. This was the first automatic ever in a Porsche product. A 5-speed manual replaced the 4-speed for 1979. Also new in 1980 was the 924 Turbo, which utilized a 2.0L EFI Turbo I4 making 143hp. In fact, the 924 Turbo were nearly as fast as the 911 Turbo of the time. These are easily identified by the extra venting at the nose.

In 1980, horsepower in the base 924 crept up to 110. The 924 Turbo got its performance increase in 1982, which was now rated at 154hp.

A few limited packages were offered mid-run of the 924. One was the 924 Championship Editon which added a color keyed interios, and exterior striping. Another was the 924 Limited Edition in 1978 which added a few luxury features. Also made was a 924 Sebring ’79 in 1979, which was commemorative of Porsche’s racing heritage.

The Porsche 924 today is a nice deal. The market for used 924s prices these quite reasonably. The major components are commonly available to this day. They’re a good car to use in auto-crossing or even low-budget oval racing.

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