Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

Silver Wraith
The Silver Wraith II arrived for model year 1977, and lasted through the 1980 model year. It was the long-wheelbase Rolls with 123.5 inches of it. The overall length was 211.5 inches. It was one of the heavier cars in the Rolls lineup at 4850 lbs., though not quite as much as the Corniche. The sole body style was a 4-door sedan/saloon. It featured rack & pinion steering, along with unibody over full frame construction.

For power it used the standard Rolls Royce unit. It was a 6.75L 2x1bbl V8. It made 220 horsepower— rather light for such a heavy car. It used a 3-speed GM TH400 automatic for the gear changes.

Not much more to say about his car. For purveyors of large smog-era land yachts, this car fits the bill.

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