BMW Bavaria

BMW Bavaria

Bavaria was a United States-only model name. Retail price for 1973 was $7545 USD. It was a larger car for the time at BMW, but the Bavaria sat on a 106 inch wheelbase and was closer to a compact-to-midsize of the time. It was somewhat spartan for a Bimmer, but lighter weight was the idea.

The performance numbers weren’t super, but were acceptable for the time. Zero to sixty mph came in between the mid 9 to mid 10 second range. The quarter mile was conquered in the high 16s to mid 17 second range.

As of 1973 & 1974, it was powered with a 3.0L 2-2bbl I6, which made 170hp and 185 ft/lb of torque. In place for gear changing was a standard 4-speed manual, and a 3-speed automatic was optional. The rear axle had a 3.64:1 gear ratio.

Four door sedan was the only body configuration. The platform it used was known as the ‘E3’. The nameplate remained on BMW’s roster until 1974.
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