Mitsubishi Cordia

Arriving in time for 1982, this was Mitsubishi’s front wheel drive sporty car. It’s curb weight was about 2200lbs, length at 173 inches, and wheelbase at 96.3 inches. The brake system was front disc/rear drum in layout.

The one and only body style was a 2-door hatchback. For trim levels, there were three. These were base, the midline L, and the high level LS. Optional upgrades were all based on which trim was level was chosen.

In the base car, an AM/FM stereo was offered. In the L car, power windows, AM/FM/Cassette stereo, and alloy wheels all were available. The LS already came well equipped but had few options other than transmission choice.

Speaking of transmissions, three different ones were offered. The starting off point was a 5-speed manual, but this was as far as you could go in the base car. A more-appealing choice in the L and LS was a dual range 4-speed manual that was marketed as the ‘4+4’. The top choice was a 3-speed automatic. Just one engine was for sale which was a 1.8L SOHC 2bbl I4. It made 82hp and 93tq. The Cordia nameplate was sold through the 1986 model year, and by then was better performing machine.


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