Mercury Marquis



The Mercury Marquis underwent a fresh redesign for 1973, like its stablemates, the Ford LTD, Galaxie, etc. The Marquis was considered a mid-level model, slotted between the Monterey and the Grand Marquis. Trim levels were base and Brougham. Body styles were a hardtop coupe, hardtop sedan, or a station wagon. The 429 CID 4bbl V8 was standard for 1973. For 1974, the standard and only engine was now the 460 CID 4bbl V8.

Model year 1975, brought a refreshed appearance, plus a new base engine, the 400 CID 2bbl V8. The 460 was still around as an option. This same 400/460 engine pairing was offered until 1978. A 351 CID 2bbl V8 however, was the base engine for ’78.

The Marquis was downsized for 1979 on Ford’s new Panther platform, Mercury advertising this year proclaimed the new Marquis as having more interior space than the previous generation. Once again body styles ranged from coupe, sedan to wagon, though B-pillars now were part of the coupe and sedan. Base and Brougham were still the trim levels offered (Grand Marquis to be covered elsewhere on its own page). Engines offered were the 302 CID 2bbl V8 as standard, and the 351 CID 2bbl V8 as optional. For 1981, a 255 CID 2bbl V8 was the new standard powerplant.

For the last model year we cover here, 1983, the Marquis was downsized yet again. This time on the Fox platform, which was shared with the also new Ford LTD. The coupe was dropped, as were the 255 and 351 V8s. New Marquis engines were now offered. The 140 CID I4 was standard on the sedan. The 200 CID I6 was standard on the wagon, and optional on the sedan. The 232 CID V6 was optional on both. Unfortunately, the 302 V8 was offered only in Canada but in later model years. The good news is that the Fox platform is what underpins the Mustang, so V8 swaps are easily hashed out.


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