Saab Sonett


The 1973 & 1974 Saab Sonett were the last of the nameplate. Technically, they were known as Sonett III at this stage. They were also known as Type 97. Less than 2500 copies were made in each of these years.

The body was made out of a fiberglass laminate. Front wheel drive was the way the car was motivated. Sonett III had pop-up headlights like the Corvette and Opel GT. Steering was performed via a rack & pinion system. Stopping was handled with a front disc/rear drum setup.

Powering them was a front mounted 1698cc Ford V4, of 65hp and 87tq. Shifting gears was handled by a 4-speed manual. Curb weight was under 1900lbs and the rear axle ratio was 4.67:1, so not much power was required to get down the road. However, zero to sixty MPH was in the 13 second range.

The Sonett traditionally has had a loyal following and is worth checking out if you find a clean example


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