Datsun 260Z

Datsun 260Z

The 260Z replaced the 240Z in 1974. Only one configuration was available at first which was a 2-seater sports car. The car shared the same 90.7 inch wheelbase as its predecessor, but had an increase in engine size. It also gained weight, creeping to 2400 lbs.

This time around the engine was a 2.6L SOHC 2-1bbl I6, hence the ‘260’ name. Even though it was a larger engine, output was down to 140hp. Transmissions and axle ratios carried over from the 240Z.
datsun 260z 1974

A 2+2 seating arrangement was added as an option for 1974-1/2 cars. This layout increased the wheelbase to 101.6 inches. Curb weight was also bumped, to 2670 lbs. The smaller standard 2-seater was still offered though.

The 260Z was sold alongside the 280Z in 1975, though officially these were still 1974-1/2 cars. The model year of 1975 is occasionally thrown out there for these late 260Zs though. The model name did live for a few more years outside the U.S.
datsun 260z 1974-5


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