Plymouth Cricket

By ’73, the Cricket was in the last year of the first generation. While appearing similar to a Dodge Colt of the era, these were actually imported from Britain, not Japan. It was based on the Hillman Avenger (Chrysler was connected to Hillman at the time). They were available as sedans or station wagons only at this point. Powering the Cricket was a 1.5L I4, but it was underpowered for American tastes. Unlike its corporate cousin, the Japanese-engineered Dodge Colt, the Cricket was not a sales hit. The car was dropped in the U.S. after 1973.

For 1974, Chrysler Canada put the Cricket name on the Dodge Colt. Powering the car was a 1.6L SOHC 4 cylinder. Despite a try at holding onto the nameplate, The ‘Cricket’ name was dropped shortll thereafter in Canada too.


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