Oldsmobile Starfire


The last generation of the Olds Starfire was made in the heat of the smog-era, from 1975-1980. These were considered H-bodies, along with the Chevy Vega and Monza. The standard powerplant for the first couple of model years was the Buick-supplied 231 CID 2bbl V6, and it made 110hp.

The was a new base engine for 1977, which was straight out of the Chevy Vega. It was an aluminum block 2.3L I4. Also added was a 305 CID 2bbl Chevy V8 for an option. The 231 V6 held on, though.

For 1978 and later, the Pontiac Iron Duke 2.5 was the standard faire, and replaced the aluminum I4.

1979 & 1980 models had a revised appearance. Special packages included the Starfire Firenza and the Starfire GT. Just over 125000 copies of the H-body Starfire were sold.

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