Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser


Custom Cruiser
This enormous wagon was around since 1971, but got a new front bumper and nose in 1973. For 1974 the tail lamps and rear bumper were changed out. These changes were made for, guess what, federal bumper laws. The 455 CID 4bbl V8 was standard in these. However, a 400 CID 4bbl Pontiac V8 was offered as a no cost option in 1975.

Headlamps were updated to rectangular units for 1976, its last year of land yacht status

The Custom Cruiser had a major redesign for 1977. It shared its platform with the B-body Delta 88. The weight dropped about 1000 lbs. with the redesign. Nowhere to be found was the clam-shell tailgate, which would have added quite a few extra pounds. The 350 4bbl V8 was standard from ’77-’79. Oldsmobile’s 403 4bbl V8 was optional through the 1979 model year. This best years for the 403 were ’77 & ’78 which had torque ratings of 320 ft/lbs. The infamous 350 diesel V8 was offered starting in 1978.

The new 307 4bbl V8 was now the standard power-provider in 1980. The car also received a refreshed appearance this year. The 350 4bbl stuck around for this one year only and as an option. The 350 diesel was still offered in 1983, the year we stop coverage.


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