Citroen Acadiane

Citroen Acadiane

This little trucklette from France is closely related to the 2CV. They share the basic front appearance, an air-cooled engine way out front, and the front wheels driving.

The Acadiane arrived for the 1978 model year and was sold through 1987. For propulsion a 602cc 1bbl H2 was used. It made a feeble 32hp and 30 ft/lbs of torque. The truck was governed to 55mph and surprisingly, acceleration was not considered too bad. Fuel mileage was good, approaching the mid-40 miles per gallon range. A 4-speed manual transaxle accomodated the gear changes. The 4th gear was an overdrive ratio. Its shifter was dash-mounted.
citroen acadiane 1980

Acadiane was very lightweight at just under 1700lbs. Payload maxxed out at around 1100lbs. For tires, it used 15 inch examples but they had a tread width of just 135mm. An optional tire had a 145mm tread width. Both a panel style and a style with one extra window per side were offered. A removable rear bench seat was an option with both body configurations.

Not many Acadianes exist in the U.S., but they are known to be here. Parts availability is not an issue, but rust is the worst enemy of this truck.


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