Buick Gran Sport

Buick Gran Sport

The Gran Sport was based on the new colonnade Century for 1973, and only in a 2-door coupe format. Engines this year were a 350 CID 2bbl V8, 350 CID 4bbl V8, 455 CID 4bbl V8, but the top power option was a GS-exclusive 455 CID 4bbl Stage-1 V8 making 270hp. Power options for any engine included HEI ignition, dual exhaust and dual snorkel air cleaner. Transmission choices included 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic. Gran Sport equipment included ‘Gran Sport’ decals on the quarter panels and trunk lid, stiffer suspension, and mild trim blacking-out.
buick gran sport 1973

In 1974, the grille and taillights changed slightly. Power-trains stayed essentially the same.

The Gran Sport was stripped of the good stuff for 1975, and the availability of a GS package was not widely published. Both 455’s were gone, and the standard engine was now a 231 CID 2bbl V6. The 2-barrel and 4-barrel 350’s were still available. The only manual trans was a 3-speed for the V6. The V8’s only could be had with an automatic. This was the last year for a Century GS until the mid 80s.


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