Mercury Montego



Montego was Mercury’s slightly more upscale version of the Ford Torino. Like the Ford, the coupes had a shorter wheelbase (114″) than the sedans and wagons (118″)— a trait that was common even with General Motors intermediates of the day.

A “Sports Appearance Group” option was available, with included a Mach-1 style scooped hood, special trim, leather steering wheel, and full gauges. A sporty- appearing Montego GT was in its last year of offering in 1973. The GT included deluxe wheel covers, sport-type 3 spoke steering wheel, dual ‘racing mirrors’, and twin non function hood scoops. From 1973 to the end of its production run in 1976 engine choices were a 302 2bbl V8, 351 2bbl V8, 400 2bbl V8, 460 4bbl V8. The smallest engine offered was a 250 I6 for 1973. The crown jewels in the performance department were offered up to buyers for the short term. These were the 351 Cobra Jet (til ’74), and 429 4bbl V8 (til ’73).

Law enforcement agencies were briefly offered a Police Package Montego, powered by a choice of 351 2bbl V8, 400 2bbl V8, 460 4bbl V8, or the 460 4bbl Interceptor V8. The Interceptor V8 offered dual inlet air cleaner, high output fuel pump and oil cooler. The Montego was essentially replaced by the Cougar for 1977, since the Cougar then had a full line of body styles.


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