Renault Fuego

It’s name meant ‘fire’ in Spanish. Introduced for model year 1982, the Fuego was a 4-seat, 2-door GT style coupe. Like the model 18i it was based on, it too was front wheel drive. Wheelbase was 96 inches and the overall length was 177 inches. The car weighed about 2400lbs.

Two engines were available for U.S.-market cars. Standard was a 1647cc EFI I4 that made 81.5hp and 86tq. Optional, starting late in the ’82 model year, was a 1565cc EFI Turbo I4 that made 107hp and 120tq.

Two trim levels corresponded directly with what engine was chosen. With the normally aspirated 1647cc, there was the base Fuego for about $8700. A 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic were what did the shifting in this car. Also found here was a 3.54:1 axle ratio. If the turbocharged 1565cc was chosen, the car became the Fuego Turbo for about $11100. This version came equipped with only a 5-speed manual, but its axle ratio was bumped up to 3.78:1. Additional equipment included with the Turbo were Michelin TRX tires, cast aluminum wheels, plus standard air conditioning. The Fuego nameplate lasted through the 1985 model year.


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