Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle
The VW Bug for 1973 was equipped with a 1585cc 1bbl H4, which translated is 96.6 cubic inches. Horsepower was sparse by today’s standards at 46, and torque was rated 72. Fuel economy was decent by modern standards at 25mpg average. It was packed full of new safety features as of 1973. These included a padded dash and better bumpers. A sporty Beetle arrived this year as well, aptly name Sports Bug. It had nicer seats, sporty steering wheel, wider radial tires, and the option of stripes.

In 1974 torque dropped to 71 points, while power stayed the same. For 1975 the bad news was the catalytic converter that was now on the car. The good news was that the engine was now a 1585cc Fuel Injected H4. Power was now 48, and torque 73.

For 1976 it was mostly a carryover year for the ‘Bug’. A new safety feature was started in 1977 in form of head restraints on the front seat. The basic Beetle was discontinued in the U.S. after 1977. To go forward, see the Beetle Cabriolet area.


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