Lincoln Mark VI

Mark VI

For 1980, The Mark VI was a big change when compared to the previous two Marks. Smaller in size, this was the “metric-ized’ Mark. It now shared the exact platform & wheelbase as the redesigned Town Car/Town Coupe. This was known as the Panther platform. It did look vastly different from the front and rear angles however. The other big news for this generation was the addition of a four door sedan.

Under the hood, big blocks were not offered, not even the 400. Standard power was a 302 CID TBI V8, which made 129hp, 231tq. Optional for the first year only was a 351 CID 2bbl V8, making 140hp, 265tq.

From 1981-1982, only the basic 302 TBI V8 was offered. For its last hurrah, a 302 CID High Output V8 was an option in 1983. It bumped performance up a notch, but still nowhere near the old 351, as it made 145hp, 245tq.


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