Oldsmobile Omega

Oldsmobile Omega

Cousin to the Chevy Nova on the X-body platform, the Olds Omega was introduced for 1973. Body styles included a coupe, a sedan, and a hatchback coupe. For power, a 250 Chevy I-6, a 350 Olds 2bbl V8 or a 350 4bbl V8 were available. Shifting was left up to a 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic on the V8, or a 3-speed manual or 2-speed automatic on the I-6. For ’74, the I-6 owners no longer were relegated to the 2-speed automatic, the 3-speed automatic became the standard option across the line.

Come 1975, the Omega, as well as all it’s corporate siblings, got a redesign. New engines this generation were the 260 Olds V8 for 1975-1976, the Chevy 305 for 1976-1979, as well as the Buick 231 V6 for 1977-1979. The last rear wheel drive Omegas were sold in the 1979 model year.

For 1980, the new front wheel drive X-bodies came off the assembly line. Engines were the 2.5 I-4, and the 2.8 V6. Available in this generation were the sporty versions known as the Omega SX and the SportOmega.

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