Porsche 912E

Porsche 912E

The 912E was basically a 4 cylinder 911. It was introduced for 1976 to bolster the relatively slow selling 914. It too was a ‘starter Porsche’.

The car was powered by a VW-sourced 1971cc Fuel Injected H4. As far as power is concerned, it produced 90hp and 102 lb/ft of torque. While the engine originated from Volkswagen, the cylinder heads were re-worked by Porsche for more performance. The transmission was a 5-speed manual, which was similar to the unit in the 911. Zero to sixty times were in the 13 second range. At 110mph, it did have a reasonable top speed, though.

The braking system utilized a 4-wheel disc setup. The car’s weight was about 2300lbs.

Not even 2100 copies were produced. The 912E, like the 914 it was trying to replace, went away after it’s one and only model year. These are quite the rarity.


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